Getting out there and taking a risk Customers choose us because we speak their language Words are but the shadows of actions (Democritus)


The MULTISERVICE sas agency of Lecco can be that different way of doing things, providing services in a wide variety of languages in order to meet the new needs of emerging markets. The MULTISERVICE sas translation and interpreting agency began operations in 1992. Over the years various types of texts have been handled from technical manuals to Internet websites, from business and advertising documents to software, to legal, judicial, financial and medical texts. Today, speaking with your foreign customers, writing papers and granting interviews for foreign TV stations are often daily activities for a company devoted to the export field. You can have charisma and ideas, but not many tools to spread them or not much knowledge of the language or culture in the location where you want to promote your product. So MULTISERVICE sas is the tool which is available for those who act: entrepreneurs, managers and political figures, providing convention and corporate interpreters, as well as corporate courses


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We are able to guarantee a highly professional service, competitive prices, quick delivery times and privacy. The work volume is quantified in "pages" which range in cost from € 17.00 to € 77.00 depending on the language, the type of text, the volume and the deadlines. Within 24 hours you will have our non-binding quotation

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“Innovation has nothing to do with how many R&D dollars you have. When Apple came up with the Mac, IBM was spending at least 100 times more on R&D. It’s not about money. It’s about the people you have, how you’re led, and how much you get it.” (Steve Jobs) Maybe you think that you are too small to do great things. But you don't need to invent the iPhone to make innovations and to be a step ahead of the competition. In each sector many procedures are simply taken for granted. Usually everyone keeps doing their job without thinking about it too much. But there is always a slightly different or better way to do things. Often just simplifying, making something easier, can be a great innovation. This is why you always need to be able to count on an expert, available and quick, at any given time and without having to leave your office, who can guarantee qualitatively excellent work at economically advantageous conditions